Another successful Safety Stand Down! Combined Roofing Services, LLC is committed to continuously building a safer future for our employees, customers, and partners. Our 3rd Quarter 2023 Safety Stand-Down was designed to train, conduct, and fully document “hand-over-hand” inspections of all harnesses and fall protection equipment. Inspections help ensure that the equipment has been properly cared for and that workers are safe when using it.

We also focused on our ‘stop work authority’ approach that applies to ALL Combined Roofing Services employees and reinforces that safety takes official priority in everything we do. We took this opportunity to remind everyone of the specific steps workers can take to protect themselves and their co-workers from a potentially hazardous situation. If we are working and see a process that is not being followed correctly, or if we notice at-risk behavior going on, we call a quick time-out. Then, we talk with workmates to make sure everyone knows the safe way to continue.

When it comes to safety, it is the goal of Combined Roofing Services to accomplish our work in the safest possible manner every time on every project.