Specialty Projects

Many clients are looking to modernize the look of their building or facility, while others are more concerned about taking advantage of newer, more efficient materials and technologies. Still, others may choose to go green and be environmentally friendly. Choosing the right roofing contractor who can deliver the skill, experience, and professionalism needed for these unique roofing services is of the utmost importance.

Historical roof renovation projects showcase the capabilities of our skilled craftsmen and our ongoing experience working with past, present, and future roofing solutions. Combined Roofing Services provides quality specialty products such as copper trim and flashings, decorative metal facades, slate and clay tiles, asbestos removal, and other roofing solutions that are commonly associated with historical buildings.

Rooftop terraces and recreational amenity decks are a common addition to multi-use and residential high-rises. These roof assemblies can be highly complex with various overburden conditions such as concrete pavers, pool decks, landscaping, grill stations, dog-runs, fire pits, and lounge areas – each requiring particular roof specifications and a high level of coordination with other building trades. Combined Roofing Services continues to be a leading contractor in the Chicago area for rooftop terraces.