Sheet Metal

Combined Roofing Services offer a full line of in-house architectural sheet metal fabrication and installation services. Our shop fabricated metal coping cap designs have ANSI/SPRI ES-1 standards approval. We have the resources and capability to handle everything from counterflashing, fascia, guttering, and metal roofing systems, to custom copper cresting and finials.

The sheet metal department is staffed by our department manager and engineer, long-time shop foreman, and our well-trained professional craftsmen in the field. Our sheet metal workers work side by side with our roofers on a daily basis to ensure we turn over a very high-quality product to our clients on time. We also provide exclusive or customized sheet metal services where no roofing work may be involved.

We align ourselves with the leading manufacturers in the industry to provide quality materials and partner with them to stay on top of new innovations. The following are just a few of our sheet metal suppliers and system manufacturers:
• Petersen Aluminum Corporation
• Metal-Era, Inc
• Carlisle SecurEDGE
• Firestone UNA-CLAD
• OMG Edge Systems
• Berridge
• Metl-Span
• McElroy Metal