Renovating historic properties preserves the architectural and aesthetic character as well as the history and heritage of a community or area. Combined Roofing Services is taking on two of these formidable projects right now! The Hobbs Building (ABOVE) at 2 North River Street, a Romanesque Revival built in 1862, is seeing new mixed-use life after decades of inactivity, boasting 31 new apartments and retail space on the ground floor—while also reclaiming its iconic copper onion dome. And the Maywood Senior Living Facility (BELOW) retirement home’s original 1929-1930 section is a fine Tudor Revival-style institutional building. The reward for your effort is knowing you saved a piece of history for yet another generation to cherish.

Historical roof renovation projects showcase the capabilities of our skilled craftsmen and our ongoing experience working with past, present, and future roofing solutions. Combined Roofing Services provides quality specialty products such as copper trim and flashings, decorative metal facades, slate and clay tiles, asbestos removal, and other roofing solutions that are commonly associated with historical buildings.